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Essential SEO Package

Internet marketing can be tricky.

To effectively connect your brand to potential customers, you need more than just a well-designed website. It requires creative, research-based strategies from experts in the field. With billions of active users on the web, building a successful online presence is impossible to do without a game plan —let alone getting your message into the right market.

That’s where the A.C.E. Essential SEO Package comes in.

Our A.C.E. strategy is based on over a decade of experience in search engine optimization and digital marketing. We focus on three crucial aspects of a website: Architecture, Content, and Engagement. Our experts at 2 the Top developed this package that will put just about every kind of website on the road to long-term success.

Essential SEO Package

What’s in the Essential SEO Package?

We’ll kick off with a questionnaire specifically tailored to your business. This will lay out your current situation, goals, and expectations. As we gain insight into your competitors and research your site’s SEO elements, we’ll begin building your website into a more powerful online presence.

Then, we’ll focus on 3 core needs of your website:

1. Improving Architecture

Having efficient architecture reinforces the relevance of your site, making it a foundational part of your website’s success. During this stage, our team will:

  • Review searchers’ intent and keyword analytics
  • Make sure that Google Analytics is set up properly
  • Make sure Google Search Console (aka Google Webmaster Tools) is verified properly
  • Analyze current data if available
  • Reorganize and relabel existing content to be fully optimized
  • Address and improve technical architecture
  • If you’re on a WordPress site, we’ll make sure that the proper SEO plugins are installed & configured correctly


2. Optimizing Content

Content is king in today’s market. That’s why your content needs to be attractive to both the viewer and search engines. To enhance your website, our team will:

  • Optimize your default on-page SEO formatting such as title, heading, and meta description
  • Hand optimize your homepage plus 4 additional pages to create a cohesive and attractive website


3. Ensuring Efficient Engagement

Both onsite engagement and offsite engagement contribute to your SEO success. To ensure that your site is “Google-Friendly” in the engagement area, our team will:

  • Analyze your backlink profile compared to 2 competitors
  • Grow authority through backlink development (we’ll probably find 5 to 10 link opportunities that you already deserve)
  • Make recommendations for citation development
  • Create and enhance your Google business page
  • Make suggestions to improve your Google reviews


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Completing the Essential SEO Package

Architecture, Content, Engagement

Once the project is complete, we’ll meet with you to review the improvements and changes made to your website.

We’ll go over what’s been done to enhance your site, and we’ll make recommendations on how to continually optimize your website.

Is the A.C.E. Essential SEO Package right for my website?

If you’ve got the budget, we recommend that you engage us for a full web presence audit. But we understand that not everyone has the time or budget to invest in a full audit. So we developed the A.C.E. Essential SEO Package using a research-based strategy to fit almost any type of website and budget—including yours.

How much does the A.C.E. Essential SEO Package cost?
$3900. We might find some opportunities for you that cost extra. Spending extra is entirely up to you.

What results should I expect from the A.C.E. Essential SEO Package?
You’ll be alot better off than you are today. Your website will have significant improvements in technical SEO aspects. Will it be enough to reach your goals? Well… it depends.

Every website and business is different. The final outcome depends upon your goals, levels of competition, and current situation. The best way to find out if our Essential SEO Package is right for you is to get in touch with a us for a consultation today.

Does this sound like the SEO package you need?
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