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SEO Audit

Why don’t you rank #1 on Google?

The short answer is probably:

  • You don’t have the right words in the right places on your web page.
  • Your competitors are doing much better than you.
  • You don’t have enough good links.
  • Your website sucks.
  • You’ve been penalized.

In reality, there might be several factors working together that are keeping your website from performing well.
But getting a complete, accurate answer and knowing what to do about it can be very complicated.

“Doctor, my head *REALLY* hurts.”
“It’s probably a headache, take some aspirin.”

Just like your doctor might need some background information and test results to make an accurate diagnosis, a competent Internet Marketing professional needs to have an understanding of your total online presence before we can recommend the right solution.

That’s where an SEO Audit can help.

Who needs an SEO Audit?

Ready to start a new website? An SEO Audit & Blueprint will help you understand what it’ll take to reach your online visibility goals.

Have a website that’s underperforming? We’ll figure out what’s wrong and show you what needs to happen to grow your business.

Ready for a website redesign? If you’re getting traffic to your old website, an SEO Audit & Blueprint will make sure you don’t screw up and suffer an 80% drop in traffic like this website did.

What’s an SEO Audit?

We were going to call this service the Web Presence Optimization and Competitive Analysis Audit. It’s an accurate description of our SEO Audit & Blueprint service but it’s a little too long for a title. Here’s what we can review:

Keywords – Did you target the right words? Are the right words in the right places?
Content – Is your content relevant, authoritative, unique and deep? How’s it compare to the competition?
Site Structure – Can your visitors easily find info once they’re on your site?
User Experience – Does your site look and feel professional enough that visitors trust you?
Links – Are links on your site broken or spammy? How do your backlinks compare to the competition?
Social Media – Is your use of social media justified and consistent? How’s it compare to the competition?
Site Statistics – How many visitors do you get? How do they find you? What do they do on your website? Did your website traffic rise or fall dramatically on a specific date?
Competitive Analysis – Ranking well on Google means you have to beat the competition. We’ll do a mini Audit of your main competitors so we know how you stack up.

Each SEO Site Audit we perform is unique to your situation. As we perform your site Audit, we’ll be looking for interesting things that require further investigation. Here’s some interesting things we’ve seen recently:

  • A site with 20,000 pages had nearly 1,000,000 pages listed in Google.
  • A site with 100 pages had only 1 page listed in Google.
  • A site permanently lost 60% of their organic search traffic on April 24.
  • A site that Google thought had 4 home pages.
  • A site that had a hidden page promoting dozens of websites controlled by their old web designer.
  • A site that had hidden links pointing to porn sites.
  • A site that had secretly been hacked by someone in Russia.

What is an Audit Not?

An audit does not include the actual on-site optimization (such as putting the right words in the right places) or off-site optimization (such as getting links).

It’s common that the audit may show that additional research time is needed. For example, more time on keyword research or competitive backlink analysis may be required.

An audit allows us to provide an accurate proposal for what needs to be done to reach your goals. You might need a little, you might need a lot. The audit helps us make the right recommendations.

How do we do an Audit?

Each audit follows a checklist to address the major points of web presence optimization. While some SEO companies offer cheap, automated audits, 2 the Top’s team of SEO specialists personally analyze your site. We use advanced tools and over a decade of SEO experience to analyze your situation.

You’ll receive a custom report based on our findings and we’ll review the results and recommendations with you personally.

How much does an SEO Audit cost?

It depends. Our prices reflect the amount of time spent on your audit, the complexity of your situation and your goals.

An audit of a single website with 5 pages, no known/expected issues and in a very non-competitive market will start at $2500.

Got a penalty? Multiple websites? Tons of pages? Stiff competition? Plans for world domination? These situations are more involved and SEO Audit prices are more expensive.

Most audits we perform are in the $3500-5000 range.

How do we get started?

Use the form on this page to let us know about your situation. We’ll take a quick look at your website and give you a quote. Once you authorize us to start your audit & blueprint, you’ll get a short questionnaire about your situation. Audits are typically completed within 2-3 weeks of receiving your completed questionnaire.