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Jewell Mechanical, LLC

Jewell Mechanical, a Nashville HVAC Company

Jewell Mechanical, a premier Nashville HVAC company, has been locally owned and managed since 2005. They pride themselves as being part of the Nashville community and treating you and your home as part of their family.

Jewell Mechanical challenged us with a website redesign, garnering the online exposure they deserve. After an extensive audit process and query research, we quickly came to conclusions and began plotting JewellMechanical.com’s Information Architecture.

Working with the client’s logo design, we styled the domain’s new look and incorporated parallax scrolling. With the design in place, impeccable website architecture and evergreen content available; We continue to work with Jewell Mechanical in publishing their blog and designing new content.

Mastando & Artrip, LLC

Huntsville Attorneys: Personal Injury, Whistleblower, Employment LawMastando & Artrip has over 50 years of combined experience handling personal legal matters including personal injury, car wrecks, contract disputes, sexual harassment, employment discrimination claims, will drafting, as well as complex class action suits. We represent individuals in courts throughout North Alabama.

Get Insured 24/7, LLC – Errors and Omissions Insurance

Get Insured 24/7, LLC, is the premier online provider of Errors & Omissions InsuranceGet Insured 24/7, LLC, is a premier online provider of Errors & Omissions Insurance, also called E and O Insurance, or, in some sectors, Professional Liability Insurance. Affordable coverage for skilled professionals is provided fast with our easy-to-use, state-of-the art online registration platform.

CULER Space Coolers

CULER Indoor and Outdoor Evaporative Space CoolersCULER Space Coolers deliver air that is as much as 30 degrees cooler wherever you need it most. They are perfect for hard to cool areas or places without typical air conditioning.

We were engaged by CULER to help digitally promote and market their state-of-the-art Space Coolers.

 The Natural Look MedSpa

Natural Look Site Shot

Nashville, Tennessee’s The Natural Look is a leading retailer and service provider in permanent cosmetics, and pioneered in intradermal pigmentation – a procedure for both permanent cosmetics and scar camouflage.

Founded in 1992, The Natural Look was active online leading up to their engagement with 2 the Top, but was in need of a site redesign that preserved existing rankings on important terms such as “Nashville Medspa.” 2 the Top was hired to design a new site that was easy to update, added mobile responsiveness, and laid the groundwork for future proof SEO. A comprehensive SEO audit was conducted to identify new opportunities within architecture, content, and engagement that will ultimately lead to an increase in online visibility for Natural Look.

Coffee Makers USA

Coffee Makers USA

Coffee Makers USA is an eCommerce business that provides coffee brewing and serving solutions for home and professional use.

The core of the Coffee Makers USA company has been in existence since just after the new millennium. However, in 2014, after thirteen successful years in business, founder Paul Ballenger decided the time was right for a new start. He and his former company underwent a complete re-branding. The result was Coffee Makers USA.

2the Top Design was hired to give him an attention-grabbing web design while maintaining perfect SEO for optimum customer acquisition.We helped with Coffee Makers USA’s online presence by implementing a well-rounded social media campaign.

Law Office Of Frederick P. Sisto

Law Office of Frederick P Sisto - 420x123Fred Sisto is a defense attorney in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey. One aspect that sets him apart is his extensive real courtroom experience. Many attorneys are comfortable with settling their clients’ cases. Fred Sisto is an attorney who is willing to present a true defense in the courtroom. His successful track record proves his knowledge and experience are the best asset for his clients.

2the Top Design was selected to provide a professional website designed to improve his web presence and increase traffic to his site through extensive SEO optimization.

Perfect World Landscapes, LLC

perfect-world-landscapes-llc---420x123Perfect World Landscapes provides landscape design, installation, maintenance and lawn care. They are experts in the field of landscaping and remain well- versed with current landscaping trends.

2the Top Design has implemented a monthly maintenance plan to ensure that Perfect World Landscapes remains at the top of search engine results pages which translates to increased business for the company.

Kirkwood Property Group

Kirkwood Property GroupThe Kirkwood Property Group is an East Nashville real estate company. They specialize in properties for sale in Cleveland Park, East End, Eastwood Neighbors, Edgefield, Inglewood, Lockeland Springs, Maxwell Heights, and McFerrin Park.

When they were looking to update their website, they needed a design firm that would maximize their budget to give them an aesthetic design as well as the SEO elements that would increase their web presence.

2the Top design was hired to give them the most well-rounded web presence possible.

Raybin & Weissman, P.C.

Hollins, Raybin, and Weissman, PCRaybin & Weissman P.C. is a local law firm that specializes in Nashville personal injury, and criminal defense cases. They are one of the most experienced, and sometimes feared, law firms in Nashville.

Raybin & Weissman selected 2 the Top Design because they needed the website to help attract new clients. The results? More new cases were generated from website traffic this month, than any other 30-day period over the last two years.

Forte Chefs

Forte ChefsForte Chefs is a Nashville personal chef service designed to simplify meals for a family or create an atmosphere for an exciting culinary experience.

They create meals specifically for the client’s likes, dislikes, allergies, dietary restrictions or caloric reduction. They shop for food and prepare meals daily or prepare multiple meals for the week.

Forte Chefs hired 2the Top Design to create a visually stimulating website that would be rank well on Google. Through our SEO expertise we have been able to successfully give Forte Chefs the exposure they needed to launch their new business.

12 South Inn Suites

Law Office of Frederick P Sisto - 420x123

12 South Inn Suites has been offering accommodations in Nashville since December of 2011.  Although they are marketed along with Bed & Breakfasts, they are an Inn. Their priority is to provide comfortable, convenient and private suites. Located just three miles from the core of downtown Nashville, 12 South Inn Suites is an ideal location for tourists to stay when they come to Nashville.

The owner was in need of a website redesign that would also place him at the top of Google. 2the Top Design has accomplished all of their goals. They currently received visitors from various countries around the globe who make reservations to stay at 12 South Inn Suites when they visit Nashville.

Genesis Auto Brokers

Genesis Auto Brokers: A Better Way to Buy a Used Car

There’s a better way to buy used cars in Brentwood. Instead of spending your time checking with dealers, car lots and classified listings, let Genesis Auto Brokers do the leg work for you. In short order, they’ll find the exact car you want and it’ll be a better deal than you can find by yourself.

Genesis selected 2 the Top Design because they needed the website to drive new business. The results? More leads from the new website in the 1st month than from the old website in the previous year.

Joey4Franklin Campaign

Joey4Franklin Campaign Web DesignWith 9 candidates seeking the office of Franklin TN Alderman at Large, Joey Czarneski knew that he needed to show how he’s the best candidate.

The Joey4Franklin.com website lets him easily get his message across. 2 the Top Design also integrated a robust email marketing solution so he can stay in touch with his volunteers and constituents.


TN Legal Association Web DesignThe TN Intellectual Property Law Association knew the TIPLA website was long overdue for a facelift. Based on our strong reputation, TIPLA selected 2 the Top Design to redesign their website.

Bubbles And Roll

pictureWhen the most respected swimming program in Nashville needed a great website, they called 2 the Top. Flash animation, a custom content management system and online signups for students are just a few of the things that we provided.

Salon Disegno

pictureInstant printable gift certificates highlight the features of Salon Disegno’s website… but owners Stacy & Dave Hodges will tell you it’s the SEO and 2 the Top’s marketing assistance that make this website one of their best sources of new clients.

Scott Oldham Insurance
Scott Oldham Insurance Website

Scott Oldham is a local family man who has been providing insurance to the Gallatin, TN area since 2008.  Scott Oldham prides himself as providing superior Customer Service to the 400 customers he serves.  When a customer calls, they will be able to speak with Scott directly, which sets Scott Oldham Insurance apart from his competition.

Scott came to us wanting to be able to have a stronger online presence, so he hired 2theTop Design to redesign his website.  We ensured that this new design was created with an SEO friendly architecture, and an overall design which would build the most engagement for his current and future clients.

Travis ADR

Travis ADR Website

For 25 years, Mark Travis represented public and private sector organizations in employment litigation, labor relations, administrative proceedings and civil rights disputes before becoming a full-time neutral.  He now provides Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) here in Middle Tennessee and is concentrated exclusively as a mediator, arbitrator, and neutral fact-finder in all areas of employment law, labor relations, and civil rights.

Mark Travis hired 2theTop Design to redesign his website in order to help his services be more discoverable to the online community.

Our team focused on creating a SEO friendly architecture, and updated his logo. We made improvements to the calendar app request functionality as well.