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Complimentary Marketing – Max Impact Hangout On Air

Breaking Out Of The Narrow Silo Of “SEO”

I was privileged to be asked on as a guest of Max Minzer’s weekly Hangout on Air series, #MaxImpact to talk about this concept that you should always consider what complimentary marketing options you have beyond just “SEO”. I was joined by the legendary Bill Slawski of Go Fish Digital , and Jake St. Peter of Dirigo Creative in our extensive conversation about using other disciplines of marketing to make your SEO more effective or making your other channels of marketing more effective with a little bit of SEO.

Watch The Full Hangout On Air

Quick Wins With Complimentary Marketing

  1. When you launch a new website, don’t just think through the site structure, keywords and link strategy but also think about what niche forums you might hit with display ads, or sub-reddits where you could post about the topic. If you’re a steel door distributor for example, then think about the fire-safety aspect of your product and all of those 3rd party experts you could interact with online.
  2. When you’re creating content do searches on HARO for reports who are covering your beat, and influencers who are already recognized in that industry to interact with who might be interested in sharing your content.
  3. Be ready to make everything you do count on multiple levels by re-purposing your content, fleshing out simple event pages with videos, photos and content about the event after the fact and taking advantage of event syndication sites like Eventful, Zvents and EventBrite.
  4. Get in front of interview you or your client has by building out engaging content that you can reference beforehand like this piece on witnessing the last electrocution in Tennessee.
  5. Participate in Hangouts, Tweet-chats and social media or use tools like Buzzsumo to catch one-off opportunities to contribute to blog posts or conversations on your target industries.

How Do You Compliment Your SEO Efforts?

What tactics or channels outside of SEO do you embrace that help you multiply the reach of your digital marketing efforts? Be sure to share your insights in the comments!


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  1. Thanks for the excellent ideas on quick wins for your clients. This is a good primer for all small business clients, if they follow it. I do enjoy Max’s hangouts also and appreciate your sharing of this