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8 SEO Success Tips for Business Blogging

In today’s social-media driven world, it’s common knowledge that a blog can help you build an audience, stand out, and grow your business. But the reality is that simply writing blog posts for your website is not enough. Instead, you need a winning strategy to create a blog that drives conversions and increases SEO. In […]

Best Smartphone Barcode Makers

With the increased use in QR codes, many are looking for an easy to use smartphone barcode maker to help their marketing efforts. Most barcode makers give pretty much the same end result, but some are definitely easier to use than others. Here’s a quick roundup of several of the best free barcode generators available. […]

Smartphone Barcode Scanning Up 800%

Have you ever scanned a barcode on your phone? In the last year, scanning of QR Codes is up 800%. QR Codes are those square barcodes that you’ve started seeing over the past few years. QR codes are a quick way for anyone with a smartphone to instantly access information.