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Smartphone Barcode Scanning Up 800%

2thetop-homeHave you ever scanned a barcode on your phone?

In the last year, scanning of QR Codes is up 800%. QR Codes are those square barcodes that you’ve started seeing over the past few years.

QR codes are a quick way for anyone with a smartphone to instantly access information.

A typical use of a QR code for a business might be to point a consumer to a specific web page. It’s free to create a QR code.

Use your smartphone’s camera or barcode reader to scan the code on this page. It’ll send you to the home page here at 2 the Top Design. Pretty simple right? Well how about adding a QR code on your business card or on company literature. You could direct people to:

  • your home page
  • a survey on customer satisfaction
  • a newsletter signup page
  • a page with more detailed information about your product or service
  • a page with a product demonstration video
  • a page with customer testimonial videos
  • the possibilities are really endless.

We know people are scanning these QR Codes. Does your business use QR codes to promote itself?