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Search Engine Submission Tips

Why would we give away these tips for free?

Two main reasons.

First, we want to expose as many people as possible to this simple concept:“There are proven methods for someone with the right knowledge, experience and tools to help your website rank higher on the major search engines.”

Second, while these tips are accurate and proven, it takes the skill of 2 the Top to get the maximum benefit for your web site.

Think about this analogy: A good tip for filing a tax return is “Take as many deductions as you should.” But without a qualified CPA to guide you, you might take too many deductions or you might miss some allowed deductions.

To put the search engines into perspective, it’s like you had to keep up with about a dozen different versions of the IRS code. And, each set of rules could be changed each month without warning.

Do you have the spare time to keep up to date with all those changes on a day to day basis or do you have a business to run?

Just like it’s often worth paying a CPA to save you a lot of money, time and hassle, a website marketing expert can offer a tremendous return on your investment. Click here to see some of the results that 2 the Top has produced for our clients.

10 Steps to Better Search Engine Submission

The number one search engine submission tip is to do your homework before you submit your web sites to the search engines. Making sure that you’ve correctly identified the right keywords will translate to targeted, high volume traffic. Without proper keyword research, using the other nine tips won’t give the payoff that you deserve.

Once you’ve completed the first step, you can work on the next nine steps:

  • Use keywords in your title tag, meta keyword tag, meta description tag, and in your body tag.
  • Put your important keywords as early in your body tag as possible.
  • Target appropriate variations of your important keywords. For instance, it’s helpful to know which search engines differentiate between plural and singular forms of a word.
  • Get other sites to link to your site. Many search engines take into account the popularity of your site as indicated by incoming links.
  • Hand submit your web site to the major search engines. The top search engines are simply too important to trust your submissions to automated submission software.
  • Submitting your web site to the same search engine more than once every day increases your chances of being penalized for spamming.
  • Make sure your text is not the same color as your background. Years ago, some web designers were able to trick the search engines by using “hidden text.” The search engines caught on and now actively look for this trick.
  • Have an interesting site that encourages visitors to spend time on your site. Some search engines will give your site a ratings boost based upon how much time visitors spend on your site.
  • Be patient. While some search engines reflect updates fairly quickly, other search engines can take months to show the changes you’ve made. Be prepared to monitor each of the major search engines regularly to see how your site is ranking.

Your Next Step

Now that you’ve completed these ten steps for each page on your web site, spend a few hours researching what changes have occurred in the major search engines (SE’s) over the past few days. Spend a few more hours figuring out where you rank on the major SE’s. And spend a few more hours figuring out the reasons you rank O.K. on some SE’s and poorly on others. Make the appropriate changes to your web site and repeat the process every week.

You can achieve high rankings across the board for your important keywords and phrases. All it takes is a lot of time, hard work, research, some creativity, attention to detail, the right tools and tons of patience.

If you’re not quite ready to invest months and years learning the intricacies of search engine optimization, Relax. There’s an easier way to get 2 the Top. We’ve even put together some “Tips for Selecting a Web Site Marketing Firm.” Click here to see them.

Every day, 2 the Top is on the front lines of web site marketing and search engine optimization. We spend hours upon hours staying current with the trends that shape your web site’s potential for success. Has Google changed their ranking algorithm again? Who’s that new search engine that’s supplying results to Yahoo? Who can help improve your BigCommerce SEO settings? How come your site isn’t showing up in Bing after three months?

2 the Top has the answers.

The only question you have to answer now is “How do I get 2 the Top?” Easy, just drop us a line by clicking here and we’ll put you on the road to online success today.