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Big Commerce SEO

Sell more with Big Commerce and 2 the Top!

BigCommerce is the most SEO friendly shopping cart you can find. It has tons of potential to help you dominate the Search Engines. But if you don’t know how to harness that potential, you won’t get maximum results.

With any website, on-page optimization has alot to do with putting the right words in the right places. Big Commerce has done a great job of identifying many of those “right places” for you. But finding the “right words” is up to you. And identifying more of those “right places” can be a big challenge. 2 the Top has the experience to find all those right places and right words for you.

Got a New Big Commerce Site?

If you’re just getting started with Big Commerce, now’s the time to make sure your have the fundamentals of your website properly optimized. 2 the Top can give you the roadmap for ecommerce success.

SEO Packages

How can we help you? 2 the Top offers everything from 1 time consulting packages to comprehensive, long term SEO/SEM campaigns. We give you the option to start out small or start out with shock & awe! Either way, you’ll be assured to get the most cost effective SEO consulting available when you partner with 2 the Top.

New Sites – SEO Jump Start

Get started the right way. With our $1999 SEO Jump Start package, we’ll position you for both short term and long term success. You’ll get a comprehensive report with specific recommendations for your BigCommerce website. You’ll also get a 1 hour phone call to review the recommendations and answer your questions.

Existing Sites – SEO Tune Up

Got an existing BigCommerce site that’s not doing as well as you want? 2 the Top can help you get to the next level. For $3900, you’ll get a comprehensive report with specific recommendations for your BigCommerce website. You’ll also get a 1 hour phone call to review the recommendations and answer your questions.

  • Site Review – Before we make any recommendations for changes, we need to understand your starting point. We’ll take the time to understand how your current website situation has impacted your past results and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Competitive Review – Knowing what the competition is doing will help us 1) set expectations for future results and 2) identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Keyword Research & On-Page Optimization – Putting the right words in the right places has never been more important than today. First, we’ll help identify the best words for your website. Then, we’ll use current best practices to help your site be properly optimized.
  • Link Suggestions – Without the right links, no amount of Search Engine Optimization is going to help your website. We’ll review your existing links and identify new link opportunities to help you climb up the search rankings.
  • Blog & Post Suggestions – Content is king and the right blog can help your site’s rankings alot. We’ll provide detailed instructions on how to create several optimized blog posts.
  • Google Shopping Suggestions – Google Shopping Results can be a great way to get free traffic from Google that many retailers have not even tried. We’ll show you how to get your products listed for free.
  • Local Search Listings Management – Whether you target a small community or the entire world, you need to claim and optimize your business listings on the important Local Search Engines.
  • Reputation Management – Most consumers do online research before making major buying decisions. Do you know what they find when they research your company and products? We’ll help you understand this aspect of the Internet and plan the best way to manage your online reputation.