How to Change a Facebook Business Page URL

facebook-logoWhen you first create a business page on Facebook, the web address or URL isn’t very pretty. It’s usually something like:

Fortunately, once you reach 25 Likes you can easily change a Facebook business page url to something shorter and nicer like this:

All you need to do is change the Facebook username for your business page. Here’s how you do that:

1) Login to Facebook under your administrator account for your business page.

2) Goto your Facebook business page.

3) Click “Edit Page” or “Edit Info” near the top of the page.


4) Click “Basic Information”


5) Change the Username to something better. Be careful, you only get to make this change once so watch for typos and make sure you’re happy with it before you save the change.

After you change the username, you should be able to see the new Facebook url in your browser’s address bar like this:


Here’s a few tips for changing your Facebook business page username:
1) Make it short.
2) Your Facebook username should be memorable.
3) It should match the common name of your business.
4) Capitalize the first letter of each word to make it more readable.
5) No spaces or special characters. Only a-z and 0-9 are allowed.
6) Double and triple check for errors before you save your new FB business page username.
Bonus Tip: Try to match your FB business username to your Twitter business username, your YouTube business username and any other social media usernames. Consistency helps with branding.

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  1. thank you or your simple explanation. however, the problem i seem to be having now is that when i type in the username, the administrative account comes up. i do not understand how to get just the business page to show up. desperate for help! thanks

  2. Hello,
    Thank you. I have a question. If you have been giving out & using the original ugly URL (or a URL shortened version of it), when you reach 25 persons & can have a vanity URL it it like a change of address? Do you have to figure out where you used the original one & make it the new vanity URL. Is it like “moving” & you must redo everything & maybe lose ranking or benefit with Google? Or does the vanity one just sort of “mask” the original URL? Hope I’m clear!
    Want vanity but wow the backtracking & remembering where I listed it! Or would the original ugly bring people to the same “spot”.

    • Your old url will still work after you change your business page url at Facebook.

      If you’ve listed your Facebook address in places where it’s easy to change, I’d go ahead & change those but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  3. Such a great help, thanks

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