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Digital Marketing Options: When to Use What

Digital Marketing MixFacebook, SEO, Email Marketing, Video, Text Message Ads, PPC, Daily Deals… With so many digital marketing options, how do you find the right mix?

Join the Nashville Internet Marketing Group 1/31 and learn how to Find the Right Digital Marketing Mix. We’ll be meeting on campus at Belmont University in McWhorter Room 114 at 6:30pm. It’s free to attend our monthly gathering. Come to learn and network with us the last Thursday night of the month.

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Talk About Digital Marketing Confusion…

A recent survey of small business owners said they use Facebook *primarily* for customer acquisition.

Another survey shows that consumers would almost never start a search for a professional service (in this case, a lawyer) on social media.

Social media sites, by definition, are about social interaction. Direct customer acquisition is a business interaction and almost never purely social. If you don’t understand the difference, you’re at risk of alienating potential and existing clients.

Recently, the good folks over at Moz Local (formerly getlisted.org) presented the following infographic to help illustrate what digital marking tool to use and when:

• Targeting new vs. existing customers
• Building your brand vs. making sales

As you read this list of 22 digital marketing options, take note of which activities you are currently using and how you are using them.
digital marketing mix chart
So, how does your digital marketing strategy line up with the illustration?

The chart shows that social media tools, such as Facebook Pages, should be targeted mostly at existing customers. And the primary purpose should be building your brand.

Facebook is a great marketing resource, but you need to know when and how to use it. Its primary purpose is not to make sales. How often have you bought something because of a Facebook post? Unfortunately, business owners often lose sight of the fact that social media was originally created to cultivate relationships. Social media is most powerful when used to build awareness and loyalty among existing customers.

Digital Marketing Can Drive New Business

If you want to focus on getting new business, try Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Showing up well on Google and Bing are much more effective strategies to reach new customers than making your pitch on social media.

Do not use your social media as a coupon dispenser or cheap ad space. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are meant to build real and lasting relationships with existing customers. People love knowing that they are doing business with real people.

In this age, we have dozens of digital marketing options. Just make sure you’re using them the right way at the right time.

Do you think Facebook is a good place for businesses to reach new customers? As a consumer, have you ever bought a product or service that your found on social media?

Join us for the Meetup Thursday, Jan 31, 2013 at 6:30pm to learn more about how and when to use different digital marketing options to maximize benefit to your business. RSVP here: Meetup.com



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  2. Hi George, we’ve already got 118 RSVP’s for the Digital Marketing presentation. Make sure you show up early to get a good seat!