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Spam Phishing Email: Your tax return was incorrectly filled out ATO – Australian Taxation Office

This phishing spam email tells me I didn’t file my Australian taxes correctly. The spammer helpfully included a link which purportedly goes to a Tax Specialist. However, if you hover over the link, you see that the link points to a Spanish website that seems to have been hacked by whoever is responsible for the […]

SPAM Email: hello —–2K from Albert Dukes

This spam email came to me this morning. Remember to be careful about NEVER clicking on links in a suspicious email. Even if you recognize the sender, you should be wary of clicking any links that feel suspicious. Things that made this email feel suspicous to me:

tinywww.info Spam

I hate spam. But the cunning of some spammers interests me and this one from tinywww.info falls into that category.

Slim-Blog.com Spam Email

Looks like one of my friends got her hotmail account hacked.Got this email pointing to slim-blog.com. from Dare Keech <darekeech999@hotmail.com> to hollerwaller80@yahoo.com date Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 1:59 AM subject What!?!?s the haps!?!? mailed-by hotmail.com hide details 1:59 AM (4 hours ago) What’s up, this is very fascinating! http://slim-blog.com !! boosts your energy and […]

AdWords Top Accounts Phishing Scam

Like many people who live on the web, I get a lot of junk email and phishing emails. Usually, it’s pretty easy to spot them due to misspellings & poor grammar. Today, I got one that tricked me. Here’s the email: ******************************************** Subject: Your Google AdWords Campaign! Your Google AdWords Campaign has successfully been integrated […]