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Search Engine Optimization

We've been the world of SEO since before there was a Google! Read all about Search Engine Optimization in these posts by the team at 2 the Top We Design & Marketing!

Link Building: Why They’re Critical – How to Get Them

Before Google, link building wasn’t that important for SEO. The most critical factors for search engines were what we call onsite SEO factors: did you have the right words in the right places on your pages. The problem was that since you control your own website, this was very easy for webmasters to manipulate. Some […]

What You Need to Know About SEO June 2012

Apple Ousts Google Maps I’ve been saying for a year or more that Google’s biggest threat in search is going to be Apple. One step in that direction is the replacement of Google Maps, and last week Apple announced that they are removing Google Maps and replacing it with their own mapping technology with iOS6 […]

White Hat SEO: Optimization Tips from Google

5/31/12 6:30p Art Institute of Nashville; White Hat SEO The bottom line: Quality Search Engine Optimization can significantly impact your website’s Google rankings. Google says White Hat SEO can improve a website and can be good for both users and search engines. In this meeting, we’ll discuss SEO best practices and SEO tips that come […]

Newspaper Advertising Revenue Destroyed by Internet

Here’s a great chart from Dr Mark J Perry showing how newspaper advertising revenue has simply been destroyed in the last few years. According to the Newspaper Association of America, newspaper ad revenue grew steadily from 1950 to 2000 reaching an inflation adjusted max of about $64 billion. Since 2000, print ad revenue has taken […]

Perfect SEO Infographic: Right Words in the Right Place

A huge part of SEO is putting the Right Words in the Right Places. We’ve created this Perfect SEO Infographic to help you know those “Right Places” where you should put the right words for Onsite SEO. What are the Right Places to put those Right Words? Meta Description Page File Name Page Title Page […]

How Much is Google Worth? 2010 Revenue Stats

Exactly how much is Google worth? In 2010, we know that Google had $29.3 billion in revenue. 97% of this comes from advertising which is primarily the Google AdWords pay per click program. BusinessMBA.org has a great infographic detailing Google by the Numbers. This shows: Google had $29.3 Billion in revenue in 2010 Google’s revenue […]

Banned from AdSense for Invalid Clicks: The Scoop

For many AdSense publishers, getting banned from AdSense can be a nightmare. Google click revenue has lined the pockets of millions of web owners since its launch in 2003. And if you’re one of the few who is actually making decent money, getting banned from AdSense for invalid clicks might be the death knell for […]

Bing Doesn’t Trust My Friends – Facebook Likes Hurt Rankings

Bing Evangelist Kunal Das was in town for the Nashville AMA meeting on Dec 8. One of the most interesting things he showed was how Bing will sniff your Facebook settings if you’re logged into Facebook. Bing uses the info to show which of your friends have liked a company or website that shows in […]

Search Photos on Google Plus Your World

Google just released a new feature and encouraged people to search for photos to see it in action. If you found this picture / post when you did that, leave a comment below, add me to your Circles or Plus One this post. As I told my Internet Marketing class last night, Google has been […]

Networking Guide to Pubcon

Of all the conferences that I’ve been to, Pubcon is my favorite. Part of it’s because I’ve learned so much over the years because of Brett Tabke’s WebmasterWorld forums. But the biggest part of it is the concept: at any conference, the best networking happens at the bar after the sessions. Hat tip to Mike […]