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The 3 Pillars of Future Proof SEO

With 17 years of experience Ross Jones is the founding SEO expert behind 2theTop Design & Marketing. He organizes and hosts Nashville SEO & Internet Marketing, one of the nation’s largest SEO meetup groups. With over 17 years of experience in search engine optimization, web design, and web hosting, he was optimizing sites before Google […]

The 4 SEO Tools You Need to Know

SEO can be very time intensive. At 2theTop Design, we use several SEO tools to increase efficiency and deliver results for our clients. Join the Nashville SEO Group on Feb 28 to learn about 4 tools that can help improve your web presence. While there are many, many tools that can help you to manage […]

Facebook Ads Not Performing? You’re Not Alone

More and more marketers are finding that Facebook ads are not performing. While companies aren’t abandoning their Facebook brand pages, it seems that advertising on Facebook is not living up to expectations. GM decided to eliminate their $10,000,000 Facebook advertising campaign calling it ineffective and not significantly helping to sell more products. They’ll still spend […]