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Expect and Embrace Change

Think you know how to show up on Google? Think again. Google tells us they made over 500 changes to how they rank websites in 2009. How’s a small business owner supposed to keep up?

Google Place Page Changes

There’s 3 significant changes to Google Place Pages today. First, Google has really improved the ease of editing a business listing. It’s easier both for business owners to claim their listing and for others to make community edits to a listing. At the top right, there’s now an obvious checkmark & “Owner-verified listing” if the […]

Google 7 Pack for Web Design Returns

A few weeks ago, Google stopped showing the Google Maps/Local results for some searches like: Sacramento Web Design SEO Memphis TN Marketing Firm Knoxville Ad Agency Lexington KY There was a good discussion on this at Mike Blumenthal’s blog. General consensus was that Google removed them while trying to fix how they were improperly applying […]

Your Online Reputation in Search Results

Managing your brand’s online reputation can seem like a huge task. While many things you can do are common sense, there’s usually disagreement and confusion over the details.

How Can Anyone Know How to Get Better Rankings?

How Can Anyone Know How to Get Better Rankings? It’s a fair question. There’s a TON of info on the web about how to get higher Search Engine (SE) rankings. Unfortunately, much of it is incorrect, conflicting or out of date. But a more basic question is how can we know that anything we do […]