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Nashville SEO Meetup: The Truth About SEO

The Truth About SEO - SEO Nashville Meetup

Learn The Truth About SEO at Our Nashville SEO Meetup

There’s just so much information floating around about SEO. You’ve heard things from your step-brother’s roommate who says you just need to hit the right keyword density. You’ve received cold calls from smooth talking vendors about how they can guarantee your #1 keyword rankings. You’ve been to a few chamber of commerce meetings where SEO is both laughed and frowned upon. So what is the truth about SEO? That’s the subject of  my presentation at this month’s Nashville SEO meetup.Here’s the slide deck and it even include the Hangout on air recording of the presentation so you don’t miss anything. You can also download and listen to the Truth About SEO as an MP3.


Nashville SEO Meetup Is Now Meeting At Emma’s Bistro

Nashville’s SEO Meetup going forward will be held at Emma’s Bistro. In the past we’ve had our meetup on the last Thursday of the month at Belmont University. While it’s unfortunate that we won’t have the great venue at the college, we now have a great meeting place thanks to the Nashville based email marketing company Emma. Join us to July 31st for the next meetup in Emma’s Bistro, a custom meeting venue located in the the Trolley Barns in the Rolling Mils Hill area.

This graphic should help you get there!

The Emma Bistro   Emma, Inc.

11 Lea Ave
Nashville, TN 37210, US

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t map directions to the bistro quite right so here’s some extra help. After turning from Hermitage Ave. onto Lea Ave., immediately turn right into the first driveway. Drive all the way down past the long brick buildings. The meeting space is the last of those buildings, at the end by the river. Here’s some pictures we took in at Emma’s Bistro and some pictures of the venue from their site.


Emma's Bistro - Nashville Meeting Space

Emma's Bistro- Interior

presenting at the bistro

Emma's Bistro- Interior

The Bistro at Emma