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SearchDiscovered Page and HostGator Website

resultsPHYSIOTHERAPY-searchdiscovered-landing-page-dns-change-hostgatorIn the process of pushing a new WordPress website live, I ran into a problem with our domain name resolving to a landing page that’s managed by searchdiscovered.com.

While I’ve used Hostgator.com for several websites, this is the 1st time I didn’t use the hostgator nameservers.

With the help of host gator live support, I found out that the search discovered landing page gets served on suspended hostgator accounts. The problem was apparently that hostgator changed the server’s ip in the 2 months since we had originally signed up for the hosting account. The welcome email had the old ip & we pointed the DNS A record to that IP. When it propogated, we got the searchdiscovered.com page.

We changed back to the old site’s A Record while we investigated the issue.

We’ll try the new IP tomorrow & HostGator has assured me that it’ll work. Let’s hope so 🙂