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If SEO is Dead, Why Did It Kill DrJeffCornwall.com?

Belmont Dr Jeff CornwallHow did a website redesign destroy DrJeffCornwall.com’s most valuable asset: VISIBILITY.

As the Chair of Belmont University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, Dr Jeff Cornwall is a globally recognized expert in his field.

Since 2003, his blog’s visibility on Google has “made a significant impact on the program,” providing exposure to other academics and media that would never have heard of the Belmont Center for Entrepreneurship.

In fact, this year marks the 5th straight year that Belmont has been named a National Top 25 Entrepreneurship Program by The Princeton Review. As one of the newest programs with the smallest dedicated staff, Dr Cornwall credits the blog’s visibility with helping spread the word about Belmont University’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

So what happened to his blog, why did it happen and can it be fixed?

When his website got too much traffic for Belmont’s infrastructure, the website was moved and redesigned.

The bad news? Technical SEO mistakes caused an 80% drop in search engine traffic. Referrals from websites like forbes.com also tanked.

The good news? Well, they didn’t have to worry about the heavy traffic anymore.

Dr Cornwall is sharing his story so that you can learn from the mistakes that were made on his website redesign.

2 Opportunities to Learn the SEO Mistakes

On Oct 20, see a 30 minute session at BarCamp Nashville on “How a Redesign Killed DrJeffCornwall.com”

In this quick case study, you’ll see the results of the extensive SEO Audit that we performed and get insight into how we identified the problems. You’ll also learn how the major mistakes could have been easily avoided.

Register here for How a Redesign Killed DrJeffCornwall.com at BarCamp Nashville.

On Oct 25, join us at Belmont’s McWhorter Hall Room 114 for a much more detailed discussion of DrJeffCornwall.com. You’ll see:

  • A detailed overview of the SEO Audit process
  • Google Analytics data documenting the massive drop in traffic
  • The 9 major SEO mistakes that were made
  • The recommended changes that will fix the mistakes
  • 1 simple change that will significantly increase traffic to any blog

You’ll have a chance to ask questions and you’ll also get a copy of our 26 point checklist that we use on every SEO audit. At the end of our meeting (as time allows), we’ll do mini SEO Audits for anyone who wants to know how they can rank better. No charge.

RSVP here for the SEO Audit of Dr Jeff Cornwall’s Website on Oct 25 at Belmont.

Both meetings are free and you’ll get an insight into how Search Engine Optimization can dramatically impact any website.

Come learn with us!



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