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Google Drives 6x More Web Visitors than Facebook, Yahoo & Bing Combined

A survey representing over 5,000 local business websites backs up what many of us already knew:

Google sends dramatically more traffic than Yahoo, Bing and Facebook combined.


The study finds that Google accounts for 58% of visitors to local business websites. It’s closest competitor, Yahoo, sends just 4%. More findings:

  • Google Places sends more visitors than Google Organic Search: 33% to 25%
  • Yahoo Search sends 3% of visitors to the average local business website
  • Facebook, for all it’s massive size, only accounts for 2% of the visitors coming to the typical local business wesbite

What should you care about this?

For the majority of local businesses, their website is their main online tool. You’ve got much more control over the message that your website sends compared to any other online tool like a Facebook page or YouTube channel. Driving more targeted visitors to your website is a good thing for your bottom line.

2 Key Takeaways from the study:

  1. You really, really need to be optimizing for both Google Place Search and Google Organic Search.
  2. Facebook has lots of eyeballs but very few go from your Facebook page to your company website.

It’s pretty clear from this survey and others, Google is much better at putting you in touch with prospective new customers than Facebook. Most local businesses should spend resources on both Facebook and SEO but you should set your expectations correctly.

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