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Free Internet Marketing Review of Your Website

Nashville SEO MeetupNashville SEO Meetup 10/27/11 6:30 301 S Perimeter Park Dr, I-24 @ Harding.

Every month, the Nashville SEO & Internet Marketing Group shares tips and discuss how Search Engine Optimization can help your business grow.

In our October meeting, we’ll be doing a group review of several websites. Together, we’ll brainstorm online marketing ideas your website can use including SEO, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, email marketing and anything else we can dream up.

While the reviews will initially focus on Internet Marketing, we’ll brainstorm ideas on general website improvements and outside the box ideas for offline marketing as well.

Want us to review your website? Fill in the form below and let me know why you need a free website review.

Even if we don’t review your website, it’s a great learning tool to be part of the discussions as 20-30 individuals give their unique perspectives on website improvements. Come learn and network with us Thursday night!

RSVP: http://www.meetup.com/Nashville-SEO-Group/events/37256092/