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Facebook Losing Users: Are you Burned Out?

facebook-logoFacebook lost 6 million users last month in the US according to some reports. While that’s a small chunnk of the estimated 700,000,000 global FB users, it’s a significant 4% drop in the US.

Here’s 3 reasons why Facebook may be losing so many users.

1) Over-Commercialization
As Facebook has grown, lots of people are trying to cash in on that success. Facebook has been trying to generate more revenue and most every savvy business has been trying to figure out a way to capitalize on Facebook. Gone are the days when a normal FB user was only chatting with a close group of friends. Today, businesses are marketing via Facebook like never before. It’s been a good plan for many businesses but are FB users getting burned out by too much branding/advertising/marketing?

2) Seasonal Usage
It’s Summer. Kids are actually going outside occasionally and maybe they’re using Facebook less. Right? You’ve also got some of the heaviest FB users who are ending thier college days and are starting to look for a J.O.B. Maybe those bright minds realize it’s time to delete that Facebook account with the fraternity keg stand pictures before their interviewers Google them.

3) Facebook Decline Has Started
Rewind to 2006. The MySpace phenomenon had just become the most visited website on the Internet. It looked like nothing could stop its growth. Sadly for MySpace, we know the rest. MySpace has tanked since then. It’s down almost 50% in just the last year.

Is Facebook destined to follow the same pattern? Let me check my crystal ball…. sorry, I can’t quite see the future.

For now, Facebook is still a good place for businesses to invest their marketing resources. I recommend that my clients spend some portion of their budget on their entire social media profile. But the majority of their online budget should be going to a better website and an ongoing Search Engine Optimization campaign. Maybe Facebook will go up or down but I’m more confident that Search Engines will continue to be a great way to market your business.

What do you think? Why has Facebook declined in the US?
Will FB’s continue to grow, go stagnant or will they start declining in popularity?