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Search Engine Optimization

We've been the world of SEO since before there was a Google! Read all about Search Engine Optimization in these posts by the team at 2 the Top We Design & Marketing!

What Impact Does Social Media Have on SEO?

Your social media presence has an impact on Google results. But how much of an impact does Social Media have on SEO? And what are the social signals that search engines look at? On 3/20, join Ross Jones of 2 the Top Web Design for a joint meeting of the Nashville SEO Group and the […]

Another Reason Why Traditional Media Is Dying

If you’re a news outlet, you want to rank well on Google News. So I expect old, traditional media sources were ecstatic when Computerworld recently published “An inside look at Google’s news-ranking algorithm”. The patent they looked at implies that Google gives favor to sources with a larger number of news bureaus, circulation stats and […]

Perfect SEO Infographic: Keyword Research

The first step in SEO is keyword research. At 2 the Top Design, we describe onsite optimization as putting the Right Words in the Right Places. This SEO Infographic can help you with finding those Right Words as you get started with keyword research. Why is Keyword Research Important? One of the main things Google […]

The 4 SEO Tools You Need to Know

SEO can be very time intensive. At 2theTop Design, we use several SEO tools to increase efficiency and deliver results for our clients. Join the Nashville SEO Group on Feb 28 to learn about 4 tools that can help improve your web presence. While there are many, many tools that can help you to manage […]

Digital Marketing Options: When to Use What

Facebook, SEO, Email Marketing, Video, Text Message Ads, PPC, Daily Deals… With so many digital marketing options, how do you find the right mix? Join the Nashville Internet Marketing Group 1/31 and learn how to Find the Right Digital Marketing Mix. We’ll be meeting on campus at Belmont University in McWhorter Room 114 at 6:30pm. […]

What You Need to Know About SEO August 2012

How to Avoid 5 Common Web Design Mistakes that Hurt SEO Even if your website looks great, some web design factors can really cause problems with Search Engine Optimization. Did you select the right keywords? How’s your semantic markup? Does your site load fast enough? Did you put the right words in the right places? […]

Avoid 5 Common Web Design Mistakes that Hurt SEO

Your website isn’t getting as many visitors as you think it should! Or maybe you’ve got lots of traffic but you’re still not selling anything! Even if your site looks great, you may be running up against one of these common web design mistakes that hurt SEO. And it doesn’t matter whether you hired a […]

What You Need to Know About SEO July 2012

New Yahoo CEO – Straight from Google Marissa Mayer has recently made a bold move to Yahoo. There she will act as CEO for the third largest search empire. Why should this interest you? Well, she came from Google where she led the Google Search department, among various other high profile positions. Only time will […]

Links or Social Shares? Go With Both

Should you start a link campaign or should you shift your focus to encouraging Social Shares? Before you jump head first into a link campaign, you should know that both Bing and Google suggest that linking should be organic, a naturally occurring phenomenon. Google has penalized sites with spammy and untrustworthy links with their Penguin […]

Google Penalties, Updates and What Works for SEO

Think your site’s been hit by a Google penalty? Curious how the recent Panda and Penguin updates have impacted you and your competitors? And what SEO actually works on Google these days? Read on. We’ll answer these questions and show you how to take advantage of the changes in the SEO world. Google is constantly […]