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SearchDiscovered Page and HostGator Website

In the process of pushing a new WordPress website live, I ran into a problem with our domain name resolving to a landing page that’s managed by searchdiscovered.com. While I’ve used Hostgator.com for several websites, this is the 1st time I didn’t use the hostgator nameservers.

AdWords at the Bottom of Pages

Google’s revenue was way up this last quarter. Now I’m seeing 4 Adwords ads at the bottom of a page. Getting a little greedy?

Facebook Losing Users: Are you Burned Out?

Facebook lost 6 million users last month in the US according to some reports. While that’s a small chunnk of the estimated 700,000,000 global FB users, it’s a significant 4% drop in the US. Here’s 3 reasons why Facebook may be losing so many users.

June Internet Marketing Meetup

How I Got Google to Pay Me $130,000 6/30/11 @ 6:30p 301 S Perimeter Park Dr, I-24 @ Harding. $130,208.86. That’s what Google has paid me over the past few years. Come to our June Nashville Internet Marketing meetup and we’ll discuss how you can get Google to pay you for having a great website. […]

How WordPress Themes Can Help or Hurt SEO

Since I’ve been doing websites, Internet Marketing and SEO in the Nashville area since 1997, I’ve created websites with many different tools and processes. Over the past few years, I’ve standardized upon WordPress as the backend Content Management System (CMS) that I usually recommend. WordPress is extremely flexible, powerful and it can be made very […]

May Internet Marketing Meetup

Join us 5/26 @ 6:30 near the Airport as we discuss Internet Marketing. Our agenda will be: 1) Step by Step SEO for Better Google Rankings 2) A Site Review of *Your* Website One of the best parts of our April meeting was group brainstorming as we reviewed Bret Waering’s 3D Rendering website. If you’d […]

New C and K Roofing Website Launches

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest client: C and K Roofing & Construction 1072 Courier Place Smyrna, TN 37167 615-218-5280 C and K has been helping families with home improvement in Northern Alabama and Middle TN since 1996. C and K offers replacement windows for home owners looking to improve their home’s […]

Nashville Internet Marketing Meetup

We’ve got a great meetup scheduled for Thursday 4/28 and a new location near the airport. One of our regular members, Shaun Gross of Hydro Pro Pressure Washing will lead a discussion of Google AdWords. Shaun has been using AdWords PPC advertising over the past few months to promote his business and will share some of […]

Google Drives 6x More Web Visitors than Facebook, Yahoo & Bing Combined

A survey representing over 5,000 local business websites backs up what many of us already knew: Google sends dramatically more traffic than Yahoo, Bing and Facebook combined. The study finds that Google accounts for 58% of visitors to local business websites. It’s closest competitor, Yahoo, sends just 4%. More findings:

Smartphone Barcode Scanning Up 800%

Have you ever scanned a barcode on your phone? In the last year, scanning of QR Codes is up 800%. QR Codes are those square barcodes that you’ve started seeing over the past few years. QR codes are a quick way for anyone with a smartphone to instantly access information.