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10 Ways to Get on the 1st Page of Google

Not many people know this but Google utilizes 10 different formulas (or algorithms) when they decide what to display on the 1st page. Here’s a quick video to point out the 10 different ways you can get your business to show up on Google.


Organic & AdWords
The 2 original formulas they use are the ones you prob see most often. The Organic Search Results are what many people think of as the Normal Search Results. The main Google advertising is called Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google AdWords ads. Advertisers can pay Google directly to show up here when someone searches for your products or services.

Local Results
A few years ago, you started seeing a map on Google when you were searching for something local, like a Pizza in Nashville or a Hair Salon in 37219 zip code. This 3rd Algorithm (aka Local Search) came up with its results in a completely different way than the 2 original Google algorithms.

Google Place Search
In Oct 2010, Google began to blend the Organic & Local results together. They call this Place Search and the algorithm uses info from both Organic Search Results & the Local Search Results.

Google Product Search
A 5th Algorithm that can display results on the 1st page of Google is Product Search. It used to be called Froogle which was a play on the word Frugal. I think they changed the name becasue nobody really got it. Google Product Search pulls product details directly from a retailer’s database. The algorithm Google uses for Product Search has practicaly nothing to do with the 4 previous algorithm’s we’ve discussed.

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s 5 more ways that Google might decide to put something on the 1st page. You might see Videos or Images on the 1st page of Google. News results from certain news outlets can show up as well as RealTime results. RealTime results are basically Twitter tweets but don’t be surprised if that changes. You can even find Book results from where Google has scanned thousands of books into their database.

Every one of the these 10 different ways that you can get on the 1st page of Google has a different algorithm behind them.

If you’re serious about having a website that does well on Google, you should be working with a web partner that understands the detail;s about how Google works. That’s us and that’s why we’re named 2 the Top Web Design. Give us a call to help your business show up better on Google.