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Marketing Results

Wondering what results you can expect for your website? Read about these clients who know what it means to get 2 the Top.

Case #1: Medical Transcription Service

Initial Situation

A local Medical Transcription Service approached 2 the Top Web Site Design & Promotion after a disappointing experience with another Tennessee web design and web hosting firm. The previous web design firm failed to deliver the top search engine rankings that the transcription company was led to expect. That translated to virtually no leads and no new revenue from their web site.

After several thousand dollars and almost nothing to show for it, the trasncription company made the decision to get 2 the Top.

2 the Top Action Plan

To match the company’s reputation as one of the top providers of outsourced medical transcription services, 2 the Top created a professional online image from the ground up. The re-development plan included:

  • Complete website redesign
  • New website content created
  • Website navigation streamlined
  • Search engine optimization of entire website
  • Website promotion campaign initiated

Results Delivered

In the first 60 days, the company attained several top ten positions on major search engines for their most important keywords. Web site traffic tripled in the same 60 days. Most importantly, the website directly generated new revenue which more than covered the costs of 2 the Top’s web site design and web marketing services. And that’s in just the first 60 days!

“The results delivered have exceeded our expectations! 2 the Top has been very responsive to our needs. We’re excited to continue getting the benefits of the web site promotion campaign we started a couple months ago.”

Case #2: Medical Software Development Company

Initial Situation

A leading developer of medical software started using 2 the Top’s web design and web marketing services in January, 2001. While the company was satisfied with the look and feel of their existing web site, the bottom line results were not what they had envisioned. The challenge was to generate more traffic and more leads without significantly changing the existing web site.

2 the Top Action Plan

2 the Top answered the call by designing a custom tailored website promotion plan for the company.

  • Search engine optimization of existing website
  • New website highlighting the company’s flagship product created
  • Reciprocal link program initiated with high profile websites
  • Search engine optimization of entire website
  • Sponsorship of selected industry trade association websites

Results Delivered

Web site traffic increased by over 250% in 90 days. And leads generated increased by 200% during the same period. The results were even more dramatic as the web site promotion plan reached full momentum.

After 9 months, web site traffic had increased over 1000% monthly and the two company web sites generated an astonishing 15 times as many leads as before getting 2 the Top! The websites currently generate more opportunities for the client than direct mail, trade show exhibitions, and telemarketing combined. And at a fraction of the cost.

Case #3: (Your Website Could Be Next!)

Every day, your prospects are searching for your services. If they can’t find your website in the major search engines, you miss the opportunity to win their business. So just how do you get 2 the Top? Simply drop us a line by clicking here and we’ll put you on the road to online success.

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