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Search Engine Optimization

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Nashville Web Presence Optimization Group

I’ve started a free networking group to discuss all things related to having the best Web Presence possible. We’ll be meeting once each month in the Nashville area. If you’re interested in Internet Marketing, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any other form of Social Media Marketing, […]

Google New Top Navigation

The King of minimalist websites has always been Google. So the seemingly small change to their navigation is a HUGE deal for them. If you’re wondering where do you now find your Google settings, you click the little gear oicon in the top left & you’ll see your options. Here’s the dropdown that shows how […]

10 Ways to Get on the 1st Page of Google

Not many people know this but Google utilizes 10 different formulas (or algorithms) when they decide what to display on the 1st page. Here’s a quick video to point out the 10 different ways you can get your business to show up on Google.

Website Review: Hydro Pro Pressure Washing Services

At the Nashville SEO Meetup gathering, we did a quick review of the Hydro Pro Pressure Washing Services Google Place Page & website. I’ll review the initial findings we saw together but I stumbled upon a couple major problem when I was able to dig deeper. Read on for more of the story:

How Archie, Veronica & Jughead Gave Birth to Google

When: Saturday, January 8, 2011 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Where: ESpaces 4322 Harding Pike Suite 417 Nashville, TN 37205 Contact info: phone: 615.777.8514 email: info@espaces.com The January meeting of the Nashville SEO Meetup Group will be hosted by Ross Jones of 2 the Top Web Design & Promotion. We’ll take a quick trip back […]

2theTop – Your Big Commerce Authorized Partner

As a full service web design company specializing in SEO, 2theTop has alot of experience with ecommerce websites. We’re delighted to announce our partnership with BigCommerce as an Authorized Partner. Over the years, we’ve worked with many different e-commerce options including Google Checkout, osCommerce, Paypal, Zen Cart, Yahoo Stores and many more. Usually, we spend […]

Google Blue Arrow in SERPs

Have you noticed that Google’s now displaying a small blue arrow next to the top result of the Search Engine Results Page? So why is the arrow showing up on Google, how did it get there and what’s the arrow do?

Expect and Embrace Change

Think you know how to show up on Google? Think again. Google tells us they made over 500 changes to how they rank websites in 2009. How’s a small business owner supposed to keep up?

Google 7 Pack for Web Design Returns

A few weeks ago, Google stopped showing the Google Maps/Local results for some searches like: Sacramento Web Design SEO Memphis TN Marketing Firm Knoxville Ad Agency Lexington KY There was a good discussion on this at Mike Blumenthal’s blog. General consensus was that Google removed them while trying to fix how they were improperly applying […]

How Can Anyone Know How to Get Better Rankings?

How Can Anyone Know How to Get Better Rankings? It’s a fair question. There’s a TON of info on the web about how to get higher Search Engine (SE) rankings. Unfortunately, much of it is incorrect, conflicting or out of date. But a more basic question is how can we know that anything we do […]